All the startups at the Welcome City Lab 

Batch 2021 - Matthieu Tordeur


Affluences is a global solution that allows public places to manage their visitor flows in real-time while providing daily forecasts to visitors. It's a comprehensive solution for monitoring visitor flows, measuring and managing waiting queues, and booking slots online.


Aquatech Innovation

AquaTech Innovation deploys solutions to preserve our water resources in all types of locations (cities, sensitive areas, isolated areas, ports...) to limit the impact of economic and tourist activities on the environment. AquaTech Innovation returns the clean water we have borrowed from our planet.

#greentech #biology #sewagetreatment


Bakup is the easiest solution for French/english-speaking travellers and expatriates to get in touch with local healthcare professionals who speak their languages abroad. This solution combines a mobile application for users and a platform for travel actors. It is the solution to reassure tourism actors post covid. No more stress meeting a doctor who doesn't speak the same language or without knowing the price of the consultation, we make sure to be covered in all unexpected situations



Edgar is a smart QR-code menu for restaurants. It allows restaurant owners to offer a digitalized customer experience: a dematerialized menu, an integrated reminder booklet, payment of the bill directly on mobile, pre-written reviews for a better e-reputation, as well as tourist activities nearby.

#QrCode #payment #advice is an ethical and sustainable holiday rental platform! puts people before profits. is the cooperative accommodation booking platform that promotes and funds local initiatives and projects.

#booking #ethical #sustainable
Créée le 01/01/2018


Nocto is an internationally award winning corona-proof and data driven social media platform that matches consumers with hospitality businesses in real time. Our solutions create a win-win for consumers, venues, beverage brands and governments, to enable the safe and effective hospitality re-opening across Europe.

#coronaproof #datadriven #futureofhospitality


NomadHer believes that the difficulties and challenges that we face during our travelling makes us mature and grow. NomadHer is the app for female globetrotters to encourage solo travelling safely. At NomadHer you can find female friendly accommodation, find a travel companion and you can share inspiring travel stories with other female travellers. Currently female globetrotters from over 100 different nationalities are part of our community.

#womanempowerment #nomadher #shecantravelanywhere
Créée le 19/09/2019


TaxyMatch has created a system of algorithms so that passengers who do not know each other but have a similar journey, share a taxi or a cab. TaxyMatch provides transport with its drivers but also offers its matching-sharing technology via an “API” to taxi, vtc or MaaS platforms.

#sharedmobility #sustainable #reductionco2
Créée le 04/06/2018


Team Break is a French-based entertainment company that specialises in immersive experiences (Escape Games, Action Game, Quiz Game, AR) Founded in August 2014, Team Break has already won over more than a million players and offers its immersive missions in 15 agencies in France and in prestigious partner places as Opéra Garnier, Le Grand Rex, etc.

#immersivegame #escapegame
Créée le 06/01/2014

Travel Assist a 24/7 human chat service accessible anywhere in the world, which combines: travel concierge services, ultra-personalized support, experience sharing and security. White label or directly to travel professionals and a 24/7 human chat service accessible anywhere in the world, which combines: travel concierge services, ultra-personalized support, experience sharing and security. White label or directly to travel professionals and corporations

#conciergerie #TravellerExperience #technology


Troov is a software company with 2 main solutions:

- A digital lost & found platform that integrates all stages from loss to return, both for individuals and for professionals as a business software

- A simple and intuitive appointment scheduling solution that works for all locations (shopping centres, shops, cities, public areas, beaches, etc.)

Créée le 21/06/2018


We provide a software solution for companies to create interactive maps very easily thanks to a back-office tool allowing them to : - connect (or import) their data to be mapped; - use pre-developed map templates (multi-categories, itineraries, agenda or store locator); - benefit from a library of ready-to-use map datasets (e.g. metro stations). The maps are designed to be easily integrated on any website and work perfectly on all types of devices.

Créée le 01/08/2016

We go greenr

We Go GreenR is a dedicated travel marketplace to book sustainable accommodations and activities in France. In addition, we select and provide the best existing solutions to support our hosts in their ecological transition. At last, we are also a digital media for sustainable travellers and destinations.

#sustainabletourism #ecologicaltransition #bookingplatform
Créée le 03/02/2020



Wheelskeep augments bicycle security to 100% garantied, by combinating human presence and it's access control technology. Checkin immediatly by SMS, pay on site contactless or subscribe by app and get a monthly rate. Wheelskeep is fast and seamless to install, comfort and secured, with onsite parts and services.

#BikeParking #BikeService #FreeBikes
Créée le 18/07/2017

Batch 2020 - Alexandra David-Néel

As a guest

as a Guest is an overnight stay at the UNIQUE price of 89 € all year round in a fine selection of independent high-end 3 to 5 star hotels, spread throughout France, and including additional national and local services with high added value (e.g. upgrade, late check-out, complimentary breakfast, access to the Spa, etc.). is the 1st single-rate tourist private sales website.

#booking #overnight #uniqueprice


Caravel Welcomer : Make an information interface available to tourist accommodation reception and assistance teams, designed to help them professionalise and personalise their advice and recommendations, while ensuring provision of comprehensive assistance to their clientele, including outside their own establishments. The professional device goes hand-in-hand with an app for the general public, enabling tourists to obtain full information on their stays and the establishments that accommodate them”.



With its unique database of over 3M touristic points of interest and the touristic guides largest library in the world, CIRKWI helps tourism profesionals to enhance their product offers, acquire new customers and reach their direct sales full potential.



Combination of the words Data and Hub, Dahub is a French startup specialized in Tourism Data Management. Our mission is to give innovative data-driven tools to tourism businesses and maximise their visibility on internet.



Dodo-up develop innovative solutions to group tourism companies (hotels, camping, hostels, convention centers, museums, etc.) to improve their digital performance and develop their sales on group segment. Our "Online Self RFP tool" is available on company's website and on our group booking platform. It captures client request, and automatically send a proposal by adapting content and price based on group profile.



Intence (ex Youstiti Solutions) develop digital solutions for tourism resort operator with high visitors traffic . Our job is to improve the digital experience of visitors on tourism sites and support the operators on their operational management with our real-time flow data analysis.



IZHO is a data collection service for guest-oriented buildings managers (hotels, coworking,...). Thanks to an easy and well-managed installation of connected devices, reliable data feeds reports, alerting process and data visualization tool. It includes energy and water management, cold rooms monitoring , legionella risk control, guest comfort tracking and connected maintenance.



MONKEY-LOCKY offers smart key-exchange lockers, available 7/7 at proximity shops, in order to exchange easely and safely keys. Selfcheckin Airbnb rentals, cleaning service, friends... you wil never "hide" your keys under the doormate anymore!



Moonshot-internet is the pioneer insurance broker in Insurance-As-A-Service. Thanks to an API solution and simple compensation, we also, meet the new needs of consumers by offering contextual insurance products with rapid plug & play integration to players in mobility, e-commerce, finance, and so much more.



OUispeak tab - interpreters in a tablet. A video hotline of interpreters available in 5 seconds, on a tablet. Our interpreters, the OUispeakers, play a kind of ping pong game between the consultant and his/her clients, international tourists.

OUispeak room - the 1st video platform integrating interpreters. Prospecting, sourcing or finding partners abroad has never been so easy! OUispeak conference: a digital interpretation booth to translate all your conferences, workshops and interviews live.



Prune is a qualitative food solution for hotels without restaurant. The meals are ready to eat, and made with French, seasonal and organic ingredients. All our recipes are slow-cooked in glass jars to ensure taste and nutritional quality several weeks, stored in a cool place. This solution, ready to use, is available on all French territory.


Talent Making Talent

Talent Making Talent is a 360 solution dedicated to the design and broadcasting of immersive experiences and digital contents. Our platform allows companies to archive, personalize and broadcast content in real time (audio, video, light, temperature, holograms, etc.) on various types of broadcasting media. Thanks to data collection in the customer journey and artificial intelligence, our system is able to recommend the most optimized content and scenarios for the creation of experiential value in the customer journey.


the Treep

the Treep, a cleantech created in 2016, offers a Self-Booking Tool (online reservation portal) to business travel agencies to perfectly serve their BtoB customers in digital. The experience is simple and sustainable. Travelers compare the possible CO2 savings and book their trains, planes, hotels and cars without paying any advance fees.


Wilkins Avenue

Wilkins Avenue  is a leading company taking Augmented Reality to the next level w/ Spatial Computing experiences - the user's real-world environment becomes the experience’s main stage. Our proprietary technology turns any physical location into a never-before-seen experience - where cutting-edge tech meets immersive entertainment. 



BONPORT designs and operates lounges ideally located at the heart of railway stations and airports. BONPORT provides a unique experience for not only professionals, but all travellers who are looking for a premium environment with personalized services to work, organize appointments, make a call, access the internet or simply relax.

#Lounge #travellers


SAB SYSTEM offers a Cloud solution to digitize simply and without work your hotel, thanks to two concepts: 1/ a dark or ultra high bandwidth dedicated fiber to distribute all services; 2/ a multiservices set top box to play them all inside the room (television, radio, dedicated wifi access point, Chromecast™, telephony, hifi speakers, IoT, ...) or in the common areas of the hotel (wifi, CCTV, telephony, IoT, ...).

#connectivity #B2B2C


Tabhotel brings a holistic and innovative approach of the check-in journey enabling hoteliers and their teams to create a memorable guest experience. Tabhotel cloud platform allows hoteliers to digitize and automate guest check-in, check-out and walk-in journeys on web, mobile, tablet, kit, box and kiosks. Self-service or assisted, online or onsite, express or enriched, our aim is to provide freedom of choice for hotel guests, to generate more profits for hotel managers and to unburden hotel teams from low-value added tasks. Check-in with Love !


Urban expe

Scripted interactive experiences available on mobile applications (outdoor) and in connected spaces (indoor) for the tourism and sports sector. The participant becomes the actor of the story told!


Batch 2018 - James Cook

Hotel Appz

HotelAppz offers a CRM solution adapted to the specificities of the hotel world.

HotelAppz offers a unified, secure and open cloud database for personalized customer relationship management and direct communication with the customer.


Ouibike is a bike rental service with more than 300 rental locations throughout France. When booking a bicycle you can choose whether you want to pick up your bike from a store or whether you want the bike to be delivered to an address of your choice (hotel, hiking area, holiday home etc.). 


Qweekle is a B2B platform which provides an all-in-one solution for leisure activities management (booking / online sales, employee schedules, CRM etc.) to increase customer satisfaction, save time and boost sales. 

Batch 2017 - Marco Polo

Visit Data

A big data platform allowing participants in the development and promotion of tourism to:

- Know about the attendance, customers and the offer.

- Manage marketing actions, and customise user experiences