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Batch 2020 - Alexandra David-Néel


Bakuun is a technology offering a range of unique tools via an internet platform for various actors in the tourism industry (automation and rapid management of procedures necessary to handle passengers in the event of disruptions, direct connection to airlines and other product marketing tools)


COD Solutions

COD is an intelligent, collaborative labeling platform that provides digital trust scores through its innovative evaluation and rating system. Using a combination of machine learning and human interaction, our platform guarantees access to honest, relevant and current opinions on all aspects - from sanitation and hygiene to value and safety.



DAYA or how the Big Data can help us boost Paris local tourism. DAYA is THE new community platform where each and everyone can easily find new spots (food, bars, ...) recommended by people loving the just same things. Simple, right? DAYA was dreamed for everyone that is seeking authenticity, for the real Parisian experience, far away from the main streets and the "tourists only" ventures. Our ambition is to be THE main guide of a new urban tourism, where solidarity among the community is key.



Escapad is a mobile app to visit cities and their districts as well as museums and monuments on your own thanks to curated digital guides created only by tourism & culture professionals. Thanks to Escapad, plan your next trips in minutes using topic-centric and ready-to-use guides: no more endless planning sessions between paper guides, blogs and Google Maps!



Groopiz offers grouped trips and activities for active seniors.

On, you will find offers for stays and activities between active seniors, as well as social features to get and keep in touch: internal messaging, travel forum, private sharing of leisure photos for participants, adding friends, invitation to leisure activities



Kwel makes all purchases possible. No more problems to bring an object home, from the shop to the house, Kwel takes care of everything.

Les Découvreurs

We want curious and passionnate people to discover the unknown heritage treasures of Paris and its region thanks to original cultural activities, whether they are outdoor or digital! From unusual guided tours to outdoor treasure hunts and escape games, our activities are designed as real experiences that combine cultural enrichment, game, interaction and immersion in a universe. Our activities are aimed at individuals who want to learn and have fun alone or with their families, companies that want to organise teambuilding events off the beaten track, as well as schools and associations.



Ôzento is a pioneering and innovative type of accommodation. Created with its unique design and built of eco-friendly stilts materials, Ôzento loft can be produced and installed on your land within 45 days. Whatever you are looking for: a hotel complex, a new local for your business or a permanent residency villa for your family, we can meet various space demands and desires. Ôzento stands out for its excellent positioning due to the unique eco-friendly design and the turnkey concept services.


We peps

We Peps is a marketplace in the sharing economy keeping in touch a owner of house, garden, rooftop and a guest looking for a place to celebrate an event.




The WiXar software is the easiest way to quickly create immersive and "gamified" virtual reality experiences without the need for coding. After 2 years of R&D, the team has simplified the scripting aspect by creating interaction templates powered by an in-house algorithm. It is a software intended in particular for cultural and heritage tourism actors who will be able to highlight certain aspects of their content in an immersive, emotional and above all educational way.



At Ximalia, we uses big data and artificial intelligence for the benefit of sustainable tourism. Our algorithms forecast the travelers' impacts and suggest optimized touristic experiences with positive impact on locals and environment.




The best prices to escape are generally subject to conditions, "non-exchangeable, non-refundable"!

Thanks to this exchange of good practices, everyone wins: people who have something unexpected, travel enthusiasts, and hotels who can fill their establishments and benefit from the consumption they will generate.


#Collaborativeplatform #B2C


Eliro is the platform that allows you to find and manage all your company events in a few clicks (team building, seminars, meetings...). Forget all the time-consuming aspects of organizing and managing an outing, activity or evening with colleagues thanks to our integrated modules.



Memories Magic Selfies is an application that mixes selfies with professional video. Live an experience and create, in less than 30s, your unique memory!



Patrivia, the essential platform to discover, plan and book cultural visits throughout France and Belgium.

Nearly 350 castles, museums and gardens ready to reveal their secrets in one click!


#heritage #visit #culture


The European application that helps locals and travelers to explore, in a gamified way, cities and museums. Follow the clues, solve the challenges and discover hidden stories! Application developed in 42 cities in Europe.



Tookki is a city guide 3.0 in a mobile app for initiatives involved in sustainable development in respect of environment and local people. In few clicks, you can find an eco lodging, an organic restaurant, a slow-fashion shop or a green commutation to discover cities in an other way. Our asset? We visited each places to check them to be in line with our 5 criteria to make the experience true. Starting with Paris, France, before some other cities in France and in Europe.

#Cityguide #Responsbile #B2C


Are you the manager of a bar / restaurant? The Vizeer connected camera broadcasts your live mood on any interface. Tell her where, tell her when, she takes care of the rest! This innovation instantly boosts the visibility of your business.



Are you going on vacation? With Weekome you can offer your accommodation or rent one in a simple and quick way! Weekome is a furnished rental site (houses and apartments) of short and medium duration. Weekome is a site for direct contact between landlords and tenants.


Batch 2018 - James Cook


AllonsBonTrain is a platform which lets travelers benefit from up to 60% discount on their train tickets by grouping them with other travelers when more than 10 people are interested in the same trip. 


Dotmap (ex Points in the City) is a solution that rewards the best tourists and enriches their stay by offering them access to good deals, discounts and promotional offers from shops or tourist sites by collecting points. 


eCentime is a shopping guide that connects Asian consumers with local French or European stores. The application offers shopping information on fashion brands, cosmetics and perfume stores.


H64 is a "Blockchain as a Service" platform for managing loyalty programs linked to a tourism services marketplace, aimed at improving customer loyalty and thus the experience of tourist brands.


Memento is a computer vision-based platform for leisure and event professionals that reinvents the memory experience by automatically distributing photos and videos captured by photographers to those concerned.

Monkey Kwest

Monkey Kwest is the first mobile Escape Game room. The Monkey Mystery Van comes to you to challenge you and your friends, colleagues or family. 


 Postmii reinvents the postcard thanks to its mobile, autonomous and ecological three-wheelers which let tourists personalize, print and send their best photos in real postcard form, all on site.


Realcast is developing technology and interactive content in XR (Extended Reality). Its product, In Situ eXPerience (ISXP) offers an interactive & immersive experience through different wireless devices (HoloLens or smartphone) to bring history alive for visitors in different environments. 



SKYdeals is a retail platform dedicated to air passengers which lets them access discounts and offers on products or services in-flight by connecting to the internet via onboard wi-fi. 

Universal Voucher

Universal Voucher is an application which aims to dematerialize luncheon vouchers quickly and easily. These vouchers are sent directly to the customer by SMS, and are usable with dedicated partners. 

Batch 2017 - Marco Polo

Blue Valet

Platform for leisure and business travelers to travel to all major mobility hubs through a simple, fast and economical parking valet concept. Blue Valet enhances the "traveler" experience by offering door-to-door.


A platform that allows private individuals or professionals (the CLAPpers) to give their video rushes to one of the editors in the community (the CLIPpers) to create a film that suits their needs.

Fokus Map

A multilingual map guide for smart phones, aimed at tourists in Paris who wish to optimise their urban experience and get about on foot: patentable on-board mapping technology, available off-line, graphic metro route finding, original content and notifications.


Platform allowing the connection between the professionals of the accommodation and their hosts, at each stage of the stay.


Makes visiting an area more fun and entertaining. Our challenge routes take you to our partners (bars, restaurants and stores), with a common thread of DIY (Do it Yourself). Great for stag/hen nights or team-building.


Moneyeti offers tools to accompany travelers at every stage of their stay, helping them to answer their questions. A selection of targeted and negotiated offers are offered so that they save on the spot rationally.

Nanny Bag

A service that allows travellers to leave their bags in hotels and stores in more than 60 towns and cities in Europe.

Qik Objects

Qik Objects is a collaborative application that manages lost objects and links owners of lost objects to people or organizations that have found objects. Single window, open 24/24 - 7/7, it also integrates a logistics function for fast delivery. 


A platform for analysing emotions that a brand provokes in real time. Precious information that can then be used to improve the customer experience and customer relations by perfecting your services.


Smartrenting is a lease management agency that manages the subletting of your apartment in Paris when you are away!



Staycation is a mini holiday in the best luxury hotels in your city. Every Sunday, we offer specially created experiences for Parisians in the best 4 * and 5 * of Paris, at very attractive prices.

Student Pop

A "Jobs on demand" platform that allows students to find occasional work that matches their profile, to help them finance their studies and their student life, using a specific mobile application.

The Bar Corner

High value-added services for bars and their consumers to enable them to cope with the current delicate context (VAT increase, anti-smoking laws and security context).


TicTacTrip: The first price comparer to combine different modes of transport to offer unique journeys (connecting towns/cities that are not normally directly connected) at unrivalled prices.


Interactive music internet service for venues and events. It allows to sound spaces while giving the hand to the participants / customers on the control of the music.


Tradefest is an opinions plateform for professional trade fairs and shows. With more than 22,000 events listed, the start-up helps companies to find the best events in their sector.


Ubudu: a "mesh networking" solution that makes it possible to interact with users’ smartphones even when they have no Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G connection.


Carpool application for short trips in the city. Share a car to go to work or to go home!

Batch 2016 - Vasco de Gama

At the corner

At The Corner is a network of hotels offering services that complement accommodation, such as managing keys, storing luggage, breakfast, etc. for external customers.


BubbleGlobe is a collaborative platform for reserving activities such as cultural and original walks, life experiences, and creative workshops, with enthusiastic local residents.


Service for city dwellers to book a rental car delivered and returned without additional cost at any time to the address of his choice.


EuroPass is a digital solution for Chinese tourists traveling in Europe. EuroPass helps Chinese tourists prepare their travels, offers them deals in luxury homes and exclusive experiences, and allows them to pay via WeChat Payment.


Eventtia is a management platform specialised event organising for managing professional events.


Fotonower is the best way to search, select and export content (photos and videos) from social networks tomedia publishers by providing the best service to illustrate the latest updates and news.

France Hostels

New brand of innovative hostels in France.


Geovelo, developed by La compagnie de Mobilités, is the number one bike route planning solution in France.


Hubtobee is a social network for companies whose employees travel abroad a lot, in order to incite these travellers to network better during their business travel and thereby benefit from it more.


The start-up that turns your shopping into plane tickets MilesBooster is a free, multi-brand loyalty programme that awards its members with air miles (real ones!) for every purchase they make from 1,200 partner brands


Mindsay, formerly Destygo, revolutionizes the customer relationship between travelers and travel companies thanks to an automated assistant. Result: up to 30% more productivity for customer support agents, and satisfied travelers. For this, we build a conversational artificial intelligence that naturally dialogues with travelers to facilitate their movements.

Mon beau terroir

A platform for booking tasting tours on farms (urban or otherwise). Customers can easily book their tours in an area, the producers promote their tourism potential and earn additional income.


Technologies and applications combining mobile signal analysis and data science to create highly personalized, context-specific mobile user experiences to maximize their engagement.


Group payment sharing solution directly integrated with e-tourism sites (transportation, seasonal accommodation and events).

The City Helpline

The mobile application The City Helpline allows tourists to instantly get in touch with a City Helper who speaks their language and answers all their questions in real time.

Créée le 13/02/2014

The Taximètre

The Taximètre is the first price comparer for taxis and cars with drivers, to find the cheapest driver available.


Trive can be used to quickly organise trips to Fashion Weeks in Paris, Milan, London and New York by combining the essential services that fashion professionals require.


VICTOR & CHARLES offers artificial intelligence for hotel staff to predict what customers will want.

Winglet is a pricing prediction tool that guarantees the best air fares to companies.


Marketplace of team building activities for teams of all sizes, all budgets! From a one-day fire eater to a workshop at the craftsman's workshop, strengthen the cohesion of your teams around informal moments, from 20€/person.


Batch 2015 - Jacques Cartier


360&1 designs and markets solutions and interfaces for web analytics and online advertising management. This B2B platform lets hotels, chains or booking engines take control of their sales management through artificial intelligence and big data. 


Discover the first booking management software dedicated to leisure professionals. Increase your sales and focus on your passion.


Andjaro, formerly Ouiteam is the intra- group reference platform for detachment management for short and medium term missions.

Bird Office

Bird Office is a geopositioned online booking website for professional spaces (meeting rooms, training, conference rooms, etc.) for short durations. The Bird Office catalogue combines all of the available spaces for hire (hotels, business centres, seminar venues, co-working, etc.)


Eelway is the first mobile luggage service. We store and transfer your bags everywhere in Paris, its train stations and airports. Enjoy your day!

Créée le 02/03/2016


Fluo's mission is to bring the better user experience when it comes to insurances. Fluo provides a 360 ° analysis of contracts and eliminates insurance duplication thanks to its engine. Users save on average 500 € / year and improve their level of guarantees.

Meetrip is an online and mobile platform for booking professional tourist guides who are selected from the best speakers in the world.

Tourists can prepare their tour by entering their destination. They consult the guides and activities. And make a booking on the calendar that has been prepared in advance by the guide. Using GPS, the guide joins you in less than 30 minutes at the point where you are. 

There are already 4,000 guides in more than 100 countries and 500 towns and cities listed on the platform.


Yes, there is such a thing as the fully electric and fully driverless vehicle!

NAVYA is revolutionising mobility on closed circuits by offering sustainable and ecological mobility solutions for the “first or last kilometre”, which aims to ensure continuous transport compared to traditional networks.

Its mobility offer is targeted at sites such as airports, large industrial sites, theme parks, university campuses, hospitals, etc.

NDMAC Systems

NDMAC Systems invents the connected bar! These patented appliances for chilling and serving pressurised liquids (Patent No. 1452159):

•Including 3 “ecological” disposable barrels,

•Which can be installed in any bar in the world in less than 30 minutes, in a space of 4 m²

•Offering consumers self-service and interactivity, using a tactile tablet computer.


Optionizr has developed the first globalized system of options that allows merchant sites to offer options on their products and users to buy time before deciding.

Créée le 29/03/2015


The selection of the best products from Paris exclusively from independent shops, artisans and local designers (home, fashion, delicatessen). Village Map already has over 300 shops and thousands of products in the 15 best districts of Paris.

Créée le 30/09/2015


Peeble is a player on the Internet of Things that covers issues related to mobile connectivity for international travellers.


Privateaser is a marketplace for bars, restaurants and clubs that you reserve or book exclusively for your private or professional events: birthdays, leaving parties, after work drinks, cocktail parties, etc.

Sky Boy Productions

Sky Boy Productions produces 360° videos using patented overlap reality technology. It geopositions the place where they were filmed and calibrates them with regard to the real environment.


Speecheo is an interactive presentation tool that is perfect for speakers and their audiences.


StoreFront ( ex PopUp Immo) is the first website specialised in leasing pop-up commercial premises


TOOT SWEET is a mobile application that geopositions concerts, theatres, cinemas etc. where there are seats available and where the start time is... RIGHT AWAY (in less than an hour).

Batch 2014 - Christophe Colomb


The ArchiTrip agency creates and leads tours of the modern and innovative towns of the 20th and 21st centuries. What is their promise? To take you off the beaten track and let you discover another side to Paris!


Bluenod is an online application that allows you to visualise and organise your Twitter communities.


Its aim is to offer owners and travellers seeking short term rentals an ‘on-demand’ concierge service.


CAPTAG is a company that develops innovative solutions based on contact-free identification technologies from the Internet of Things (RFID / NFC / QR Codes / Bluetooth Low Energy).

City Locker

City-Locker is a Parisian company with an original concept:  installing automated storage spaces in town centres, which are open from 8 am to 10 pm, seven days a week and can be reserved online.


The City Locker solution assists the development of local business by offering traders the possibility of increasing their customer base and building loyalty by offering a service for storing and collecting their purchases outside opening times. In this way, they offer an innovative way to extend the economic activity in a district.

Event maker (ex Applidget)

Event maker (ex Applidget) is a cloud software publishing company for professional event organisers.

Family Twist

Family Twist is the only top of the range travel agency that concentrates solely on families.


Groupeer Technologies develops products that enable attendants to avoid having to count their groups and to be alerted in case of abnormal removal of a person. Our products bring security and serenity, especially to activities and trips with children.

Créée le 12/11/2014


It has never been so easy to listen to and to understand your customers thanks to Happydemics! The role of Happydemics is to transform simple opinions into undertakings using a practical, ergonomic and user-friendly system.

Home Exchange

Formally Guest to Guest, Home exchange is the first global network for exchanging houses.

Hôtels Privés

A specific website for special offers direct from hotel managers with no commission.

Interactive Mobility

Interactive Mobility digitizes entertainment services. We create white label media platforms for transport and hospitality operators. With our applications, travelers can find content (movies, series, press, music, tourist guides ...) directly on their smartphones, computers or tablets.


La Belle Assiette

La Belle Assiette makes it possible to book the services of a professional chef for your home or office. 

Les piaules

An innovative hostel that meets the new expectations of young tourists.


A mobile platform to allow hotel managers to inform and interact with their customers before, during and after their stay—to increase the revenue from each customer, the reputation of the establishment and customer loyalty, etc.

Marin d'Eau Douce

Renting electric boats in Paris with no licence setting off from La Villette.


Launched in Paris in December 2014, OpenAgenda offers both a free technical platform and bespoke guidance services.


Panthea, formerly Theatre in Paris, offers foreigners in Paris, French theatre shows with English translations, as part of a personalised circuit.


The Next Generation of Tourist Guides!


PayinTech designs and integrates private payment systems on leisure, tourism and entertainment closed-loops.


Since 2010, smArtapps has been assisting tourist and cultural sites with the design and development of their guides on smartphones and tablet computers, with more than 150 applications already published.


This start-up has developed a technological innovation based on selfies and social networks.


TemptingPlaces is the first collection of outstanding boutique-hotels in the world: a “Relais-Château for the 21st century”. 


The video that speaks to you! The platform can be used to create interactive and customised videos for all the contacts in your emailing list.


Weezevent is an online ticket office solution to create our own ticket office or system for sending invitations.


Worldia is an online agency for bespoke travel, which is both a tour operator and a distributor. It offers the flexibility of the internet combined with the service quality of a specialist in customised travel.