The Experimentation center lets startups beta test their products and services on our industrial partners and audiences. In 2017/2018, Welcome City Lab launched its second call for applicants to conduct experimentation on managing waiting times at tourist sites.

The goal? To test innovative products and services on users in our founder partners’ companies, for their mutual benefit: to determine demand.


Experimentation objectives

- Accompany our partners as they seek innovative solutions

The Welcome City Lab accompanies its partners and facilitates the selection and implementation of innovative solutions.

We also foster links between industrial players and entrepreneurs. Welcome City Lab uses its expertise to help startups connect and network with corporates.

Depending on the nature of the project, we can help your startup:

  • Seek partners,
  • Draft and support calls for projects,
  • Define selection criteria for applicants,
  • Select the best projects,
  • Seek financing for selected projects as needed,
  • Steer project management,
  • Assess project impact


- Supporting startups in deployment

We identify testing grounds that let entrepreneurs try out their new equipment, technologies or services. Our industrial partners provide real-life testing conditions that give your project key added value: experience feedback from users who become co-designers.

Welcome City Lab offers the following services:

  • Identify, validate and select companies with projects to beta test in real-life conditions,
  • Research the services and partners potentially interested in the solutions to be tested,
  • Put companies wanting to test their solutions in touch with interested partners,
  • Participate in drawing up the paperwork needed to make testing grounds available,
  • Participate in experimentation rollout and follow-up,
  • Participate in assessing project impact