Adopt a transformational hotel

Although the railways and airlines very quickly turned to new technologies to optimise and simplify client pathways, in the hotel industry the relationship with digital tools is more ambivalent. Smart Hotels that put technology at the heart of every level of the concept inspire desire and mistrust in equal measure.

The sense of smell, touristic memory

The sense of smell, the most powerful of our senses, which determines the identity of a place and the associated emotion, is an essential aspect of the customer experience. Its use is at the heart of new approaches and trends in the tourism sector. The context of tourism is ideal for developing an olfactive identity or “signature” to communicate with customers from the promotion stage. Duplicating experiences at different stages in the traveller’s journey makes it a major strategic tool.

Looking ahead to simplify the customer pathway

Customer profiles, cookies and artificial intelligence are all more or less technologically advanced solutions that we can use to simplify and improve the online customer pathway. However, they are still under used on most websites, hence the litany of the same offerings that are rarely contextualised.