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[Startup Article] Preserving your pleasure whilst preserving the planet thanks to high quality vacations

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Marie-Pierre Vincent  - Co-founder of We Go GreenR

73% of travellers intend to stay at least once in environmentally friendly accommodation (study by 2019). But how can we move from intention to action? We Go GreenR is a facilitator that allows travellers to find holidays that are as desirable as they are responsible, so that travelling with guilt becomes just a bad memory.

A clear observation

We Go GreenR was born in 2019 from a simple and clear observation: whilst there were many ultra-simple solutions for shopping in a better way (for food, clothes, power, etc.), there was no ultra-simple solution when it came to travelling!

A resolutely socially responsible platform!

We Go GreenR is a platform for booking environmentally friendly accommodation and eco-friendly activities: 100% of the accommodation on offer is committed to an environmental approach and the activities on offer are intended to have a positive impact on both travellers and the planet (making your own bread with a baker in the village, attending yoga or permaculture classes, going for a hike and trying out wild harvesting, etc.).

With the GreenScore, our algorithm based on 110 environmental criteria, we select the best offerings, for every taste, every budget (from €4 to €450 per night) and at every time of life (as a couple, a family or even for 80 people!), to allow everybody to easily find a holiday that really suits them, and to book it on the spot.

But our commitment also applies to our business model that is virtuous because it is honest and fair: whilst being free to travellers, our commission is half that of generalist platforms, to offer a fair price to travellers and fair compensation to hosts. We do not charge any sign-up or subscription fee. We only make money if we are really useful to our hosts.

A virtuous circle for the tourist ecosystem

We have launched more than just a booking platform, we have put in place a support service based on our GreenScore to meet the needs of 80% of our hosts, who want help with their ecological transition.

We offer them special workshops and concrete solutions that are easy to implement, covering different subjects (resource management, reducing waste, etc.) or different phases (funding, building, developing, marketing, etc.). These solutions (products or services) are chosen for their impact, their professionalism and their capacity to perfectly meet the needs of hosts. This support is optional and allows our hosts to improve their impact whilst enjoying preferential rates negotiated specifically for them.

Their GreenScore improves for every solution they implement: this means that hosts can measure their progress, and so can their guests!

Promoting the sustainable initiatives taken by destinations

We are also a digital medium for sustainable tourism, through which we promote socio-economic players and destinations that are committed to an environmentally friendly approach. This promotion is implemented in collaboration with the partner regions. Through inspiring content, we are putting the environment back into the spotlight to protect and promote our regions.

3 solutions in 1

We Go GreenR facilitates the emergence of a more responsible kind of tourism based on 3 complementary pillars: marketing, increasing skills and increasing visibility

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