What is an incubator?

An incubator is an organization that helps and supports entrepreneurship. It provides project leaders, premises, offices and helps them develop their network. In the case of the Welcome City Lab, projects must be in the process of being launched; we do not accompany startups at the ideation or design stage.

  • Important: All incubators of Paris & Co do not take part in the capital of the supported startups. Our goal is to support you and not to finance you.

What is an accelerator? 

An accelerator is an organization that helps and supports entrepreneurship. It helps project leaders accelerate their development (new products / services, and new international markets).


How to apply?

Each year, the Welcome organizes a call for applications (during December-January) to recruit its new promotion of startups. If you missed this opportunity, do not panic; you can still apply on the water and attend another selection committee throughout the year.

What is a "business nursery"?

An business nursery is an organization that helps and supports entrepreneurship. Supported startups must be at the ideation stage; the purpose of this structure is to assist them in designing their product / service and writing their business plan.


What is an OTA (Online Tourism Agency)?

OTAs are online travel agencies that primarily market tourism and travel services provided by third parties.

  • Main actors: Booking.com, Hotels.com, Expedia etc. 

For what stands "MICE"?

The MICE (or "business trip") sector stands for "Meetings, Incentives, Conferencing and Exhibitions". It's a type of tourism in which large groups organize events for their employees and / or their clients.

What is the NAV (New Actors in the Travel industry)? 

The purpose of the NAV circle is to create a new community of young and new entrepreneurs in the tourism sector to exchange and share on common issues, to develop synergies between members and to reflect on their development and evolution.

What is the APST (Professional Association of Tourism's Solidarity)?

The APST is the landmark brand of tourism for the protection of the client-consumer, a guarantee of security for travel and holidays' candidates. The NAV initiative was created by the APST.

What a DMC?

DMC, for Destination Management Company, is a responsive agency. It can intervene on behalf of an event agency or directly for the company wishing to organize an event abroad (seminar, incentive, etc.).

What is "smart tourism"?

Smart Tourism is intelligent tourism, "tourism that puts itself in the place of those who benefit". The goal is to provide visitors with a pleasant, unique and seamless travel experience across a destination (city or territory) using new tourism offerings based on the cloud, the Internet of Things, and smartphones' app.