All the startups at the Welcome City Lab 


360&1 designs and markets solutions and interfaces for web analytics and online advertising management. This B2B platform lets hotels, chains or booking engines take control of their sales management through artificial intelligence and big data. 


Discover the first booking management software dedicated to leisure professionals. Increase your sales and focus on your passion.


BONPORT designs and operates lounges ideally located at the heart of railway stations and airports. BONPORT provides a unique experience for not only professionals, but all travellers who are looking for a premium environment with personalized services to work, organize appointments, make a call, access the internet or simply relax.

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Service for city dwellers to book a rental car delivered and returned without additional cost at any time to the address of his choice.


A platform that allows private individuals or professionals (the CLAPpers) to give their video rushes to one of the editors in the community (the CLIPpers) to create a film that suits their needs.

COD Solutions

COD is an intelligent, collaborative labeling platform that provides digital trust scores through its innovative evaluation and rating system. Using a combination of machine learning and human interaction, our platform guarantees access to honest, relevant and current opinions on all aspects - from sanitation and hygiene to value and safety.



Combination of the words Data and Hub, Dahub is a French startup specialized in Tourism Data Management. Our mission is to give innovative data-driven tools to tourism businesses and maximise their visibility on internet.



Dodo-up develop innovative solutions to group tourism companies (hotels, camping, hostels, convention centers, museums, etc.) to improve their digital performance and develop their sales on group segment. Our "Online Self RFP tool" is available on company's website and on our group booking platform. It captures client request, and automatically send a proposal by adapting content and price based on group profile.



eCentime is a shopping guide that connects Asian consumers with local French or European stores. The application offers shopping information on fashion brands, cosmetics and perfume stores.


Eliro is the platform that allows you to find and manage all your company events in a few clicks (team building, seminars, meetings...). Forget all the time-consuming aspects of organizing and managing an outing, activity or evening with colleagues thanks to our integrated modules.



Escapad is a mobile app to visit cities and their districts as well as museums and monuments on your own thanks to curated digital guides created only by tourism & culture professionals. Thanks to Escapad, plan your next trips in minutes using topic-centric and ready-to-use guides: no more endless planning sessions between paper guides, blogs and Google Maps!



EuroPass is a digital solution for Chinese tourists traveling in Europe. EuroPass helps Chinese tourists prepare their travels, offers them deals in luxury homes and exclusive experiences, and allows them to pay via WeChat Payment.


Fluo's mission is to bring the better user experience when it comes to insurances. Fluo provides a 360 ° analysis of contracts and eliminates insurance duplication thanks to its engine. Users save on average 500 € / year and improve their level of guarantees.


Fotonower is the best way to search, select and export content (photos and videos) from social networks tomedia publishers by providing the best service to illustrate the latest updates and news.


Groopiz offers grouped trips and activities for active seniors.

On, you will find offers for stays and activities between active seniors, as well as social features to get and keep in touch: internal messaging, travel forum, private sharing of leisure photos for participants, adding friends, invitation to leisure activities



H64 is a "Blockchain as a Service" platform for managing loyalty programs linked to a tourism services marketplace, aimed at improving customer loyalty and thus the experience of tourist brands.

Hotel Appz

HotelAppz offers a CRM solution adapted to the specificities of the hotel world.

HotelAppz offers a unified, secure and open cloud database for personalized customer relationship management and direct communication with the customer.


Caravel Welcomer : Make an information interface available to tourist accommodation reception and assistance teams, designed to help them professionalise and personalise their advice and recommendations, while ensuring provision of comprehensive assistance to their clientele, including outside their own establishments. The professional device goes hand-in-hand with an app for the general public, enabling tourists to obtain full information on their stays and the establishments that accommodate them”.



Kwel makes all purchases possible. No more problems to bring an object home, from the shop to the house, Kwel takes care of everything.

Les Découvreurs

We want curious and passionnate people to discover the unknown heritage treasures of Paris and its region thanks to original cultural activities, whether they are outdoor or digital! From unusual guided tours to outdoor treasure hunts and escape games, our activities are designed as real experiences that combine cultural enrichment, game, interaction and immersion in a universe. Our activities are aimed at individuals who want to learn and have fun alone or with their families, companies that want to organise teambuilding events off the beaten track, as well as schools and associations.



Memento is a computer vision-based platform for leisure and event professionals that reinvents the memory experience by automatically distributing photos and videos captured by photographers to those concerned.


Memories Magic Selfies is an application that mixes selfies with professional video. Live an experience and create, in less than 30s, your unique memory!



Mindsay, formerly Destygo, revolutionizes the customer relationship between travelers and travel companies thanks to an automated assistant. Result: up to 30% more productivity for customer support agents, and satisfied travelers. For this, we build a conversational artificial intelligence that naturally dialogues with travelers to facilitate their movements.


Moonshot-internet is the pioneer insurance broker in Insurance-As-A-Service. Thanks to an API solution and simple compensation, we also, meet the new needs of consumers by offering contextual insurance products with rapid plug & play integration to players in mobility, e-commerce, finance, and so much more.


Nanny Bag

A service that allows travellers to leave their bags in hotels and stores in more than 60 towns and cities in Europe.


Ouibike is a bike rental service with more than 300 rental locations throughout France. When booking a bicycle you can choose whether you want to pick up your bike from a store or whether you want the bike to be delivered to an address of your choice (hotel, hiking area, holiday home etc.). 


Ôzento is a pioneering and innovative type of accommodation. Created with its unique design and built of eco-friendly stilts materials, Ôzento loft can be produced and installed on your land within 45 days. Whatever you are looking for: a hotel complex, a new local for your business or a permanent residency villa for your family, we can meet various space demands and desires. Ôzento stands out for its excellent positioning due to the unique eco-friendly design and the turnkey concept services.



Patrivia, the essential platform to discover, plan and book cultural visits throughout France and Belgium.

Nearly 350 castles, museums and gardens ready to reveal their secrets in one click!


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Points in the City

Points in the City is a solution that rewards the best tourists and enriches their stay by offering them access to good deals, discounts and promotional offers from shops or tourist sites by collecting points. 


The European application that helps locals and travelers to explore, in a gamified way, cities and museums. Follow the clues, solve the challenges and discover hidden stories! Application developed in 42 cities in Europe.



Qweekle is a B2B platform which provides an all-in-one solution for leisure activities management (booking / online sales, employee schedules, CRM etc.) to increase customer satisfaction, save time and boost sales. 


A platform for analysing emotions that a brand provokes in real time. Precious information that can then be used to improve the customer experience and customer relations by perfecting your services.


SAB SYSTEM offers a Cloud solution to digitize simply and without work your hotel, thanks to two concepts: 1/ a dark or ultra high bandwidth dedicated fiber to distribute all services; 2/ a multiservices set top box to play them all inside the room (television, radio, dedicated wifi access point, Chromecast™, telephony, hifi speakers, IoT, ...) or in the common areas of the hotel (wifi, CCTV, telephony, IoT, ...).

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Technologies and applications combining mobile signal analysis and data science to create highly personalized, context-specific mobile user experiences to maximize their engagement.


Group payment sharing solution directly integrated with e-tourism sites (transportation, seasonal accommodation and events).


SKYdeals is a retail platform dedicated to air passengers which lets them access discounts and offers on products or services in-flight by connecting to the internet via onboard wi-fi. 


Digitization solutions for hotel reception with five terminals and seven complementary applications to revolutionalize check-in / check-out.



Tookki is a city guide 3.0 in a mobile app for initiatives involved in sustainable development in respect of environment and local people. In few clicks, you can find an eco lodging, an organic restaurant, a slow-fashion shop or a green commutation to discover cities in an other way. Our asset? We visited each places to check them to be in line with our 5 criteria to make the experience true. Starting with Paris, France, before some other cities in France and in Europe.

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Urban expe

Scripted interactive experiences available on mobile applications (outdoor) and in connected spaces (indoor) for the tourism and sports sector. The participant becomes the actor of the story told!


Visit Data

A big data platform allowing participants in the development and promotion of tourism to:

- Know about the attendance, customers and the offer.

- Manage marketing actions, and customise user experiences


Are you going on vacation? With Weekome you can offer your accommodation or rent one in a simple and quick way! Weekome is a furnished rental site (houses and apartments) of short and medium duration. Weekome is a site for direct contact between landlords and tenants.


Wilkins Avenue

Wilkins Avenue  is a leading company taking Augmented Reality to the next level w/ Spatial Computing experiences - the user's real-world environment becomes the experience’s main stage. Our proprietary technology turns any physical location into a never-before-seen experience - where cutting-edge tech meets immersive entertainment. 

Winglet is a pricing prediction tool that guarantees the best air fares to companies.