All the startups at the Welcome City Lab 


360&1 designs and markets solutions and interfaces for web analytics and online advertising management. This B2B platform lets hotels, chains or booking engines take control of their sales management through artificial intelligence and big data. 


AllonsBonTrain is a platform which lets travelers benefit from up to 60% discount on their train tickets by grouping them with other travelers when more than 10 people are interested in the same trip. 


Bagshare is an internet platform that lets independent travelers discover the material needs of small NGOs abroad and to take advantage of their journeys to deliver relevant donations to their destination. 

Blue Valet

A platform that offers leisure and business travellers a new way to prepare their journeys to major mobility hubs thanks to a simple, quick and economical valet parking concept. Blue Valet improves the "traveller" experience by offering a door-to-door service.


A platform that allows private individuals or professionals (the CLAPpers) to give their video rushes to one of the editors in the community (the CLIPpers) to create a film that suits their needs.


eCentime is a shopping guide that connects Asian consumers with local French or European stores. The application offers shopping information on fashion brands, cosmetics and perfume stores.

Fokus Map

A multilingual map guide for smart phones, aimed at tourists in Paris who wish to optimise their urban experience and get about on foot: patentable on-board mapping technology, available off-line, graphic metro route finding, original content and notifications.


Makes visiting an area more fun and entertaining. Our challenge routes take you to our partners (bars, restaurants and stores), with a common thread of DIY (Do it Yourself). Great for stag/hen nights or team-building

Mon beau terroir

: A platform for booking tasting tours on farms (urban or otherwise). Customers can easily book their tours in an area, the producers promote their tourism potential and earn additional income.

Monkey Kwest

Monkey Kwest is the first mobile Escape Game room. The Monkey Mystery Van comes to you to challenge you and your friends, colleagues or family. 

Nanny Bag

A service that allows travellers to leave their bags in hotels and stores in more than 60 towns and cities in Europe.


Ouibike is a bike rental service with more than 300 rental locations throughout France. When booking a bicycle you can choose whether you want to pick up your bike from a store or whether you want the bike to be delivered to an address of your choice (hotel, hiking area, holiday home etc.). 

Points in the City

Points in the City is a solution that rewards the best tourists and enriches their stay by offering them access to good deals, discounts and promotional offers from shops or tourist sites by collecting points. 


 Postmii reinvents the postcard thanks to its mobile, autonomous and ecological three-wheelers which let tourists personalize, print and send their best photos in real postcard form, all on site.


Qweekle is a B2B platform which provides an all-in-one solution for leisure activities management (booking / online sales, employee schedules, CRM etc.) to increase customer satisfaction, save time and boost sales. 


A platform for analysing emotions that a brand provokes in real time. Precious information that can then be used to improve the customer experience and customer relations by perfecting your services.


Realcast is developing technology and interactive content in XR (Extended Reality). Its product, In Situ eXPerience (ISXP) offers an interactive & immersive experience through different wireless devices (HoloLens or smartphone) to bring history alive for visitors in different environments. 


Sitta is a vacation rental booking platform which enables homeowners to finance the renovation, decoration or improvement of their home. And as you book in advance you get the best price on your vacation rental! 


SKYdeals is a retail platform dedicated to air passengers which lets them access discounts and offers on products or services in-flight by connecting to the internet via onboard wi-fi. 


Skylap is an intelligent solution that, thanks to an algorithm, lets you  book flights for multi-destination trips while optimizing prices. This lets you book your tours of Europe or Asia at reduced prices.


Smartrenting is a lease management agency that manages the subletting of your apartment in Paris when you are away!

Student Pop

A "Jobs on demand" platform that allows students to find occasional work that matches their profile, to help them finance their studies and their student life, using a specific mobile application.

The Bar Corner

The Bar Corner: High value added service for bars and their customers to allow them to handle the current difficult context (increase in VAT, smoking laws and security situation).


TicTacTrip: The first price comparer to combine different modes of transport to offer unique journeys (connecting towns/cities that are not normally directly connected) at unrivalled prices.


Tradefest is an opinions plateform for professional trade fairs and shows. With more than 22,000 events listed, the start-up helps companies to find the best events in their sector.


Travelchain is an open source “blockchain service” platform which manages loyalty programs linked to the tourism services marketplace, aimed at improving loyalty and therefore the tourist brand experience. 


Ubudu: a "mesh networking" solution that makes it possible to interact with users’ smartphones even when they have no Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G connection.

Universal Voucher

Universal Voucher is an application which aims to dematerialize luncheon vouchers quickly and easily. These vouchers are sent directly to the customer by SMS, and are usable with dedicated partners. 

Visit Data

A big data platform allowing participants in the development and promotion of tourism to:

- Know about the attendance, customers and the offer.

- Manage marketing actions, and customise user experiences