The Academy

The Academy is a program of events and training programs designed to foster emulation between the key players in the tourism ecosystem, making them aware of the special challenges facing this sector and enhancing their professional development.

On the agenda: conferences focusing on the major challenges of innovation in the tourism industry, workshops, meetups, networking, communications/launch events, and other events to stimulate collaborative working and boost business development in the tourism sector.


Different formats

Meetings, debates and barcamps open to all

Product or service launches, round tables, conferences, barcamps, meetups, toolbox sessions... There are no fixed roles! Anyone can participate in debates. The events take place during the day or on weeknights, and sometimes during the weekend. You’ll find the complete program on the “Agenda” page.


Training program

A series of quarterly training programs is offered featuring experts who focus on e-tourism, social networks, digital marketing and legal questions about web use. They can be trainers but also startup founders, consultants, or researchers who deliver small workshops with a maximum of 12 participants, often from diverse backgrounds. Welcome City Lab also designs tailor-made courses for groups of employees from the same organization. Please contact us for further information.

In keeping with our open innovation approach, our training content is available on the “Replay” page.